More or Les Golden: Who’s Writing this Thing?

December 20, 2016
It’s me, book-omnivore, novice novelist and The Blogger behind the Curtain.  Nothing fabulous, I’ll agree.  Baby-boomer and born late bloomer, it took me thirty-seven years to finish college. I put it all down to an addiction to words.
Other kids finished school and forgot about books for the summer.  I went camping and read the warning labels on bug spray, thrilled by all the words. In college, my dorm-mates went to the library to study in peace, right?  Bad idea for me.  I walked through the literature shelves to reach a study table and arrived with books that weren’t on the teacher’s list. This is probably why I don’t remember a thing about science but I know a lot about Oscar Wilde.   Well, that’s how my river runs.

After college, I worked as a paralegal for thirty years because that job gave me more words to read.  Now I focus on putting my own down on paper.

I just finished the polish on my first book, a middle-grade historical fiction story. Now I’m searching for the agent for this novel, revising the second, and researching a third. In my spare hours, I write copy for gas money and books which brings me back to this blog.  As long as I’m writing about books I’ve loved, I’m combining two favourite things!
You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google PlusGoodreads, Instagram, LinkedIn, Blogher and (now) ARC Stories.  If you want to talk story, come over and talk to me!

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